The Love Music Trust has commissioned Barbara Thompson, to write a piece for our Saxophone Orchestra to be premiered at the ‘Sandbach Concert Series’ on Wednesday 22nd February 7pm at St Mary’s Church Hall. The piece entitled ‘The Bells of London’ Barbara Thomson MBE is an English Jazz Saxophonist, Flautist and composer who has said

"I am a composer who seems to see music in very visual term The piece began one misty Sunday morning while recording the great bells pealing out over London. It was an extraordinary and unexpected adventure which was inexplicably forgotten as the day passed and the real world flooded back in. But hearing those few random arpeggios triggered that memory. I hope you enjoy the result”

The world premiere of this piece will be showcased at Sandbach Concert Series. The ensemble would like to thank Andy Scott, for his time in working on the arrangement of ‘Bells of London’ both behind the scene and in the rehearsal room, it couldn’t have happened without him. The Saxophone Orchestra currently has 14 members and keeps growing. The Orchestra are also attending this year EurSax17 congress in Porto and shall also be playing the piece while they’re away. The Orchestra is led by Royal Northern College of Music graduate Jamie Sharp. The students of the Orchestra regularly play in many ensembles across Cheshire.unnamed