What does the Love Music Trust do?

We are the lead partner and fund holder for the music education hub for Cheshire East, charged by The Arts Council to help every child (5-18 years old) to have the opportunity to discover and develop their musical abilities.

As a "hub" we are about much more than delivering music lessons; we need to find ways of making the grant funding that is available for Cheshire East work really hard for our children so that they have rich, wide and high quality musical opportunities. Some of this is delivered by our staff and some other elements we facilitate through partnerships.

You will see that in these webpages we talk about "Wider Opportunities" (which is the name we give to a set of activities that introduces primary school children to playing an instrument for the first time) and "Play it Again" (which is all about choosing an instrument and taking it further through individual or small group lessons).

We are also charged with making sure that routes exist for every child to take their music to the highest level they want to. In order to do this we have groups and ensembles, some that we run ourselves and others that we support externally, and "high quality music experiences" where we work with the highest profile professional musicians to show children what they can aspire to.

Our wide range of ensembles showcase our talented young musicians, providing encouragement and invaluable experience for young people with high musical aspirations.

We provide:
wide participation
encouraging continuity of playing
reaching full potential