About us

The Love Music Trust is the lead partner and fund holder for the music education hub in Cheshire East.

As lead partner, the Love Music Trust has a responsibility to support all state schools in the borough to deliver the aims and objectives of the National Plan for Music Education (NPME). To do this effectively, the Trust receives an annual grant from the Department for Education via Arts Council England, who monitor the work and activity of the Trust. The NPME sets out the four core areas (and three extension strands) of activity that should be taking place within the footprint of a 'music education hub'. These are;

  • First Access (Whole Class Ensemble Tuition)
  • Ensembles
  • Progression (the steps/musical engagement directly after a First Access/WCET programme)
  • Singing

To achieve the above – and in addition to the extension strands of High Quality Musical Experiences, CPD, access to an Instrumental Store to support core roles, and the Schools Music Education Plan (SMEP) – the Love Music Trust enters into partnership agreements with a large number of schools, organisations, ensembles, industry partners, specialist education providers, the Local Authority, professional orchestras, venues and support agencies, amongst others. A number of these partnerships include financial support from the music education hub grant that, as lead organisation, the Love Music Trust has oversight of and is responsible for.

Any allocations of grant funding are issued through a partnership document which clearly states the expectations and criteria of that funding. All grant spending is reported to Arts Council England quarterly, with an addition annual data return each October that scrutinises both how the grant has been spent and the impact of that grant, including the numbers of young people who have access to and benefit from the grant funding.

In addition to the above, the Love Music Trust is a constituted not-for-profit charity with a board of trustees. Through their trading arm, they deliver lessons into schools and run ensembles and choirs.