We are excited to announce the annual Love Music Trust Cheshire East Young Musician of the Year competition.

The competition will take place at Sandbach School on the morning of Sunday 12th March. We welcome all musicians who attend schools within Cheshire East. The competition will be split into the following 5 age categories:

Key Stage 1 (School year 1 - 2)
Key Stage 2 (School year 3 - 6)
Key Stage 3 (School year 7 - 9)
Key Stage 4 (School year 10 - 11)
Key Stage 5 (School Year 12 -13)

Within each category there will be an instrumental and a vocal class and performers should choose one piece to perform that is no longer than 5 minutes in length.

If you wish to have a piano accompaniment please select this on the sign up form and piano parts must be scanned and submitted by 9am on Monday 20th February. If you do not have access to a scanner there are free apps available for your smart phone. All piano parts should be sent to admin@lovemusictrust.com

Deadline to enter the competition is Friday 17th February 2023

To sign up please click here