The Love Music Trust as lead partner and fund holder for the music education hub in Cheshire East provides a number of ensemble pathways for young musicians in the borough, both through groups that we run ourselves and through our extensive network of partners.

Our own ensembles are financially supported by the Trust; as such it only costs £96 to join for a whole year and a further £48 for each subsequent ensemble joined.

Single Ensemble: £32 per term.

Multiple Ensembles: Subsequent ensembles and membership for additional siblings are each charged at £16 per term.

Partner Ensembles: If you are a member of one of our Partner Ensembles, membership of any LMT ensemble is £16 per term.

Remissions Policy: Children eligible for Pupil Premium funding are entitled to a 70% remission of ensemble membership fees; this is only applicable on weekly ensembles. Cared for Children, for example, children that are subject to care orders and those who are voluntarily accommodated, receive a 100% remission of ensemble membership fees. Parents/carers will be asked to provide supporting documentary evidence after applying for ensemble membership.

Rehearsals are running in person although we may be able to accommodate pupils joining online, via Zoom, if they are needing to self-isolate. Please discuss this with us in advance.

From January 2024:

1st Ensemble full price
2nd Ensemble 75% of full price
3rd Ensemble 75% of full price
All subsequent ensembles, 75% of full price

Sibling discount

Siblings can access (all) ensembles for 75% of full cost where a sibling is paying full price for an ensemble.