Why learn an instrument?

Learning a musical instrument is a huge challenge, of course, but it is also highly rewarding. Increased confidence and creativity go hand in hand with a well-documented improvement in a child's general ability to focus and progress in many other subjects. Music is a social activity - you get to meet other like-minded people and make music together with them, working together to achieve something of incredible value - but, of course, it's also great fun! And what better reason is there than that?

Why the Love Music Trust?

The Love Music Trust delivers tuition to hundreds of pupils, in school and out, on a weekly basis. Our experienced specialist tutors offer expert guidance to pupils and also provide written termly reports for parents and carers. Tutors are able to advise on examinations and ensemble progression routes.

How much does it cost?

We offer options for shared and individual lessons, priced as follows from September 2024:

Lesson type Per month
Shared (20 mins for two pupils / 30 mins for three pupils) £18.24
Individual (15 mins) £27.25
Individual (20 mins) £36.27
Individual (30 mins) £54.31

Instrument hire is available (priced at £7.00 per month with a 50% discount for the first twelve months, when hired to those learning with a tutor working on behalf of the Love Music Trust) if required and we also offer remission of tuition fees for families meeting certain criteria. Full terms and conditions can be read on the application form.

Sounds great! When can we start?

We are currently taking applications for new tuition programmes to commence after the Summer holiday. Applications must be received by Monday 19th August 2024. Please complete the application form.

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