Free String Workshops

For all budding string players, each month Clare Smith will be running a free workshop at Sir Williams Stanier from 3.45pm till 5.15pm
Monday May 14th
Monday May 21st
Monday June 18th
Monday July 9th
The workshop will take place in the Music Department. Participants will be met at reception at the main entrance & be required to fill out some information including emergency contact number.
The Strings Workshops are an opportunity for those learning Strings Instruments to play with others in an ensemble for the first time. Beginners are welcome (most players there have been playing less than two years) but some understanding of reading notation is necessary. The simplest parts only involve knowing how to read a few notes however and are all in the first finger pattern so easy to play. We usually have a warm up and introducing game without instruments to start where we might learn any interesting rhythms we need to know away from the page before we even look at a note or tune up. The point is to end the session having had fun making music well together so the repertoire is easy and achievable. Anyone who has been learning for a term would benefit from attending. 
There is no minimum grade or ages applicable, just come along and join in the fun!
If you have any questions, please contact the office.