About the writers

The Love Music Trust Primary Music Curriculum has been written by Sally Mace, Sally Dinnis, Tania Virdie and Dr Jonathan Savage. It has been edited and prepared for use online by UCan.tv. It contains units of work for every year group within your primary school. 

There are six units of work in for each year group from Nursery to Year 6 and units can be paired together to assist those teachers who may be teaching mixed-year group classes. For instance, Unit 1 in Years 1 and 2 are related; the same is true for all units in Years 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6. The unit titles are intended to serve as a guide to help you link them to your wider curriculum when planning long-term topics. In addition to these materials, there are a collection of Nursery and Early Years resources that you can take and use in your teaching.

The units have been written in a developmental way. The incorporation of statements developed from the learning ladders within each unit will help you ensure that pupils develop their key musical knowledge, skills and understanding in a systematic way. They will also help you assess your pupils' progress in a simple way.

Each unit of work is designed so that:

  • A progressive and broad range of musical activity incorporating performance, composing and listening, reviewing and evaluating is covered;
  • Through an integration of musical activities, pupils will develop their musical understanding in a holistic, systematic and coherent way;
  • Pupils are encouraged to work individually, in pairs or small groups and as a class;
  • Lessons  begin with focused rhythm/voice-based games, which follow a developmental path as the unit progresses;
  • Lessons contain a range of music-based and non music-based stimuli and link to other areas of the primary school curriculum.

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