Welcome to Singfest 2024 /2025!  We are excited to announce the new themes of 'What a Wonderful World!', featuring songs such as 'Walking on Sunshine', 'What a Wonderful World', 'Ocean World', 'Cousin Dolphin' and 'Big Yellow Taxi.  This year, once again, we will be offering an in-house delivery format in an effort to help the pressure on schools' budgets, negating the need for coach hire to rehearsals and enabling us to deliver a more personalised session, in addition to providing greater flexibility with school timetables.

Come and join us as we learn two new and originally arranged medleys designed to teach the children how to sing and harmonise with others.  Other valuable skills such as team-work, stagecraft, social skills, literacy and numeracy are all nurtured within our project delivery. The concerts will also include our popular playground games section, where we’ll have fun interacting with others, exploring sounds and experimenting with brain gym activities, all with the usual doses of energy and enthusiasm!

The project comprises one live 2 hour massed rehearsal and three online zoom rehearsals and online resources which include performance and backing tracks, a score and lyric sheets and the exciting culmination of a massed celebration concert at Congleton Town Hall in March 2025. 

The cost of the project for a class of 30 is £150, any participants over this will be charged at a rate of £5 per child. The deadline to sign up for this project is 13th September 2024

Click here to sign up to the project