Welsh Folk Music

Listen to examples of Welsh folk songs and learn to sing the folk song Calon Lan

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and discuss the inter-related dimensions of music when listening to a piece of music (L5)
  • Begin to identify key stylistic features within a genre of music (L5)
  • Begin to develop a chronological understanding of different styles of music (L5)
  • Continue to sing a broad range of unison songs with the range of an octave (P5)

Learning Outcome

All pupils will: be able to describe the music and identify some of the instruments they can hear, sing a simple melody

Most pupils will: use the correct musical vocabulary to describe the music they have heard and sing a simple melody accurately

Some pupils will have progressed further and will: use extended musical vocabulary to describe personal preference and will have an awareness of how to sing their part effectively

Lesson Activities

Listen to the three examples of Welsh Folk songs below, Ar hyd y nos and Calon Lan. As in the previous lesson discuss instruments used and then compare the two different versions of Calon Lan.

Watch and use the bbc guide with the children to learn the song Calon Lan in Welsh - click here (this will open into a new page)

Extension Activities

Perform Calon Lan to another class.


Can children identify the instruments in the piece? Are they able to describe the main features? 

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