Finding each bear’s voice

To sing the song ‘When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears’ and use symbols to represent the 3 different pitches of the bears’ voices.

Learning Objectives

  • Create rhythms using word phrases as a starting point and use these as an ostinato (C3)
  • Create and perform their own chanted rhythms with the corresponding stick notation (C3)
  • Recognise dot notation and match it to 3 note tunes played on tuned percussion (U3)
  • Respond independently to pitch changes heard in short melodic phrases indicating with actions (e.g., stand up / sit down, hands high /hands low) (L3)

Learning Outcome

All pupils will identify high and low pitches

Most pupils will know there are 3 pitches for the 3 different voices; follow a score showing the 3 pitches.

Some pupils will have progressed further and will identify there are 3 pitches and suggest ways to show these on a score.

Lesson Activities

Play the 'Stand Up, Sit Down' game. Use two chime bars or notes on a xylophone or glockenspiel (C, C’). Play the two notes for the children to hear, check they know which is high and which is low. Play one of the notes ask children to sit down for the low note and stand up for the high note. Repeat. When majority of the children are confident introduce a 3rd pitch in between the two other notes (G). Repeat game with children kneeling up for the new note.

Show the children how we can use dots to represent the 3 pitches. On a whiteboard draw a dot near the bottom for the low pitch, in the middle for the middle pitch and towards the top of the board for the high pitch note. Write different arrangements of the 3 notes on a board and invite different children to come and play them on the chime bars. 

Sing the song When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears introduced in the previous lesson.

Show the children flashcards with three phrases connected with Goldilocks and the three bears written on them (Who’s been eating from my bowl? Who’s eaten my porridge? Who’s sitting in my chair? Who’s broken my bed? are used in subsequent lessons) Practise saying each phrase in a voice suitable for Daddy bear, Mummy bear and Baby bear: low, medium and high.

Ask the pupils to select a note from the previous game for Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. Can they sing ‘Who’s been eating from my bowl?’ whilst playing the note.

As a class write a simple score to represent the three pitches. Have 3 lines, top, middle and bottom, draw dots on each line for the bear’s phrase. Play through score.

Extension Activities

Display the three bears scores so children can play on different tuned percussion instruments. Accompany tuned instruments with untuned percussion.


Can pupils follow the score? Can they correctly identify high and low pitch?

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