Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Pupils will sing a song in unison identifying low and high pitches.

Learning Objectives

  • Respond independently to pitch changes heard in short melodic phrases indicating with actions (e.g., stand up / sit down, hands high /hands low) (L3)
  • Perform actions confidently and in time to a range of action songs (P3)
  • Sing songs regularly with increasing vocal control (P3)

Learning Outcome

All pupils will sing a song in unison,

Most pupils will sing a song in unison showing an awareness of the shape of the melody; play an accompaniment on untuned percussion.

Some pupils will have progressed further and will sing a song in unison and in tune; play an accompaniment on untuned percussion keeping to the pulse of the song.

Lesson Activities

Listen to the song When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears. There is a good version of this song on the British Council website.

Teach the children the song singing a line or two at a time for them to copy. Include actions to help the children to remember the lyrics. Make sure that children are following the pitch of the song.

When children are confident with the song introduce untuned percussion instruments. Begin with a drum, woodblock or similar played on the first beat of each bar (the song is in a three beat pattern so the beat would start on 'Goldilocks'). Add further untuned percussion instruments to beats 2 and 3.

Sing the song again with a group of children playing an instrumental accompaniment

Extension Activities

Add other instruments to accompany the song which aren’t necessarily playing to the pulse. Can children suggest instruments they think would be suitable?



Can pupils follow the shape of the tune? Can they identify high and low parts of the tune? Do they know this is called pitch?

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