Drawing on the work of experienced teachers across Cheshire East, we have constructed the four learning ladders that will underpin the units of work within the Love Music Trust Primary Music Curriculum. These learning ladders reflect the key learning processes within Music, namely performing, composing, listening and understanding, reviewing and evaluating.

Please note that the learning ladders serve as a guide for a pupils' development. They should not be viewed as a rigid predictor of pupil attainment. They should not be used as 'levels' of attainment nor should they be taken and used for target setting. When reporting to parents, please use the descriptors carefully and contextualise them within work being done by pupils across their whole music curriculum, including any instrumental teaching programmes being delivered within the school.

Rather, the learning ladders are contextualised within the units of work and should be used to help you develop appropriate learning objectives and outcomes for the various lessons contained within them. This is how we have used them within the Love Music Trust Primary Curriculum.

You can view the four learning ladders here: