Learning Ladder: Understanding and Reviewing

Steps Understanding and Reviewing
Step eight
  • Evaluate musical choices in performance and composition and justify them in appropriate musical vocabulary
  • Demonstrate an ability to think widely about music and compare and contrast alternative viewpoints through discussion with others
  • Understand how music in a particular genre or style has developed over a period of time
Step seven
  • Discuss the features of a piece of music which work together to reflect a mood, culture or sense of occasion
  • Present a well formed opinion and show a willingness to engage with alternative perspectives
  • Explain how different parts within a piece work together to reflect a mood, culture or sense of occasion
  • Understand how conventional staff notation can be used to notate, extend and think differently about melodies and rhythms
Step six
  • Use an extended musical vocabulary to express personal taste
  • Explain and comment on individual and combinations of instruments and their expressive use in their own and others’ music
  • Understand, interpret and perform from others’ graphic scores
  • Express an opinion or judgement about a piece of music and justify it in a basic way
Step five
  • Understand how sounds combine and create different effects, moods and feelings
  • Understand that rhythms can be notated on simple grids
  • Evaluate different styles of music and describe using appropriate musical vocabulary
Step four
  • Understand how pitch can be represented on graphic and other simple scores
  • Use appropriate musical vocabulary with understanding to describe different styles of music
  • Develop an ability to analyse their own music and suggest improvements
Step three
  • Understand symbols can be used to represent specific sounds
  • Understand that music can be divided into different sections
  • Understand different sounds suit different moods
  • Comment constructively on the music produced by others
Step two
  • Understand that pictures can be used to represent and organise sound
  • Develop a basic understanding of how music is organised
Step one
  • Understand that different instruments produce different sounds
  • Respond to music in an intuitive way through movement