The first step in learning to play an instrument is normally “Wider Opportunities”. This programme has introduced more than two million children nationwide to the magic and discipline of making music. Our tutors teach pupils an instrument every week for between one term and one year.

The aim is for every child to benefit, regardless of family income or circumstances.  If your school isn’t already offering this, then maybe suggest they give us a call!

The wider opportunities programme is totally inclusive. As a whole class activity it offers opportunity for all.

  • The weekly lessons deliver all the main elements of the music curriculum and intensive CPD for the class teacher, who also learns to play an instrument alongside the children.
  • Pupils are given ownership and responsibility for an instrument for a year. Children respond positively to the trust and responsibility that is placed in them.
  • Team teaching alongside professional musicians is a stimulating experience for many teachers.
  • Working together co-operatively, listening to each other and teamwork skills are enhanced throughout the programme.

Wider Opportunities: Assessment criteria and certificates
Home-School Instrument Loan Agreement
Instrument Replacement Values List
Instrument Repair Procedures