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If you could help to support us by making either a regular or one off donation we will use that income to help underwrite our activities and hold the costs of fees and subscriptions at a manageable level for young people and their families. 

Donations can be made to the Trust at any time (as a one off or monthly payments), by contacting us on [email protected] or by sending a cheque made payable to Love Music Trust directly to our office. If you would like to discuss funding opportunities please contact us on: [email protected]

If you are making a donation to the Trust, please make your money work harder for us by agreeing to Gift Aid any donations you may give. If you are a UK tax payer then the Trust, as a registered charity (no.8123495), can claim 25p gift aid on every £1 you donate, but only if you complete and return a Gift Aid declaration form.

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Support The Trust

£5.00 / month

Our aim is that the children of Cheshire East have the most musical opportunities and the best musical "start in life" anywhere in the UK.

A tall order.

We aren't promoting music just for its own sake but because we know how it can change children's lives in so many different areas: teamwork, concentration, opening up wider life opportunities.

Our supporters are committed to this same aim and your contribution will help us to reach as many children as possible helping to remove family income as a barrier to engaging in music.

For just £5.00 per month (that's the price of one takeaway coffee) we will keep you updated via our regular newsletters in addition provide you with a one free ticket to our annual Summer Celebration Weekend.

But your main reward will be seeing the joy in the children's eyes as they make music.

To provide a monthly donation of just £5.00. You can set up the recurring payment using our online system GoCardless or send a Cheque, a Cheshire East child will be delighted and we we be in touch.


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The Love of Music

£35.00 / month

We'd like to invite you to donate to our remissions scheme. This scheme gives young people from across Cheshire East access to music lessons that they would be ordinarily be unable to benefit from. 

As part of a thank you for your ongoing support, we will send you a copy of our newsletters and give you 2 free ticket to a concert of your choice at our annual Summer Celebration Weekend.

You can set up the recurring payment using our online system GoCardless 


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